ISC Location and Contact

IMG_6586The International Student Center is located under the Sanctuary at The Harbor Church. You will find it off Water Street, on a rise overlooking Fountain Square, the Old Harbor landing and the sweep of the east (Crescent) beach.  On a clear day the Newport Bridge is visible across the water.  See Google Maps

All are welcome, all faiths and none.

The Center is open Sunday-Monday, from 12:00pm to 10:00pm. The Center will be closed on Saturdays. Also, we are often open past 10:00pm. To contact center staff – see details on right of page.

Or, use the contact form:

You might also meet Steve Hollaway who is pastor of the Harbor Church, a member of the Center and The International Student Worker Coalition.

Reverend Steve Hollaway

Reverend Steve Hollaway


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